Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flea Markets and a Freebie

We went to a small flea market Sunday at Boone, IA. That's about 60 miles away. It had maybe 25 vendors. Our son Jay who has been out of work since November, and his wife Dianna, set up a couple of tables this weekend to try and make some extra money. They're paring down their DVD and VHS collections as well as some collectible toys, paperbacks, Playstation games, candles, etc. They seem to enjoy it and visit a lot with the other vendors. Personally, it's not for me. We were there for about 2 hours and I was BORED after about 20 minutes. Don't get me wrong - Dianna's folks and her sister were there, too, and I was glad to see them and the kids and talk to them but the waiting for someone to come along and buy something in a chilly building with no comfortable place to sit is just too much. I can't imagine doing it for several hours 2 days in a row. I didn't find anything I wanted to spend my money on either which was disappointing. I'm always looking for a cheap paperback mystery and unique things to place in the garden.

It was over at 3 and we all went for a late lunch at Golden Corral. The food was kind of disappointing. I hate buffets where you're not sure what things are. I tried to only take things I recognized but Jim wasn't quite so choosy. I kept asking him, "What's that?" and he would say, "I don't know. I haven't tried it yet." The bad thing was,even after tasting a couple of things, he still wasn't sure. LOL They did have a good variety of salad fixings and it had fresh blueberries which I had never seen before on a salad bar.

This coming weekend is the big flea market at the Des Moines Fairgrounds. We rarely miss it as it has such a great variety of things. It's 9-4 in the 4-H building. There's quite a mess at that end of the fairgrounds right now with new building construction and roads torn up so it's a bit of a challenge to get to the building and then find parking that isn't a mud hole.

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