Sunday, February 15, 2009

I get so tired of dial up!!

Nothing frustrates me more than the slow internet I have at home. I waste so much time waiting for pages and graphics to load and forget about trying to view videos or download large files. I usually have a game of solitaire open and I play while I wait.

There was an article in the Des Moines Register a couple weeks ago and it was about how part of the stimulus money should or should not be spent. Some had suggested spending part of it on bringing high speed internet to the rural areas because afterall, more and more people are depending on the internet to do things in their every day lives - pay bills, bank, shop, communicate, file taxes, etc. The Register said a study had already been done and high speed was actually more readily available to rural people than urban. Now I can only assume that by rural they mean people in smaller towns and by available they mean either in those small towns again or satellite service. I know satellite is the only thing available where I live in the country but that doesn't mean I or the majority of others can afford it. I got mad and wrote a 'letter to the editor' but it wasn't printed. I told them yes, high speed service (via satellite) is available to almost everyone, just like Cadillacs are available. That doesn't mean most people can afford them. I would love it if my area was brought into the 21st century and soon.


rondadoug said...

I wish they would have printed your editorial. I read all of them!
And what do you think of the new condensed version of the Register?? I hate it!!

Kat Bryan said...

I've written the Register before but I guess my letters aren't 'political' enough or something; they never get printed. I could write the local paper and it would be guaranteed to be published but not as many would see it.

I don't like the new version either. I always have to spend a few minutes hunting for things. I do read it on line most mornings since we don't subscribe and Jim brings it home after work. (I don't want to wait) I wonder whose bright idea it was to put the funnies in the Datebook on Thursdays? And did you notice last week they had the same cartoon twice on the same page? Somebody slipped up. And another beef - someone should tell Homemaker's to resize their ad so it doesn't stick out of the Sunday paper!!

rondadoug said...

lol..I noticed that about the cartoon last week too. And I hate them in the datebook.
And I miss Duffy's cartoon.
My hubby and I always read the paper in the morning before breakfast while having coffee. I always took the Metro section and he took the front page with the new format that's impossible on Monday and Tuesday..and I miss the want ads too.

Larry Hartfield said...

their trying to save money may just be what kills the paper in the end. They have removed so much of the really good stuff I don't bother with reading it most days anymore. The local paper may soon have more readers than Des Moines register if they keep on the way they have been going lately. I really don't know what the answer is for newspapers with the Internet.