Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Brother Larry

I suppose a lot of people think the same way I do, but I have some pretty special brothers and sisters. Would you like to know why? Let's start with my older brother. Larry is almost exactly 2 years older than me. When we were little I resented this because with our birthdays just 2 days apart, we usually had to share a cake and party. He was the typical brother - looking out for me one minute and fighting like cats and dogs the next. I can remember one time when we went to town for the weekly shopping. I believe at least one of my younger sisters had came along by then and the folks left us in the car with orders to "Behave!" We got to wrestling around and my brother accidentally hit me in the nose with his elbow. Oops! When Mom and Dad came back and saw the bloody mess, I told them he had hit me on purpose. I don't remember if he was punished or not, or if he even remembers, but Larry, I apologize.

He got married right out of high school and moved away to Kansas City. I missed him so much I talked 3 of my girl friends into hitchhiking to KC after graduation to visit him. Can you imagine 4 young women doing that now?! Later, he moved even farther away to Baltimore and we didn't keep in touch very much. Now he's back in our hometown and we do talk and see other regularly. After an automobile accident several years ago left him unable to continue doing HVAC work, he went back to school and studied computers. He got a good job and later started his own company installing software for different businesses. That didn't last too long, though, as he began to have physical problems and was finally diagnosed with fibromialgia and chronic fatigue. He became unable to travel and do his job and once again was left wondering what to do. He had always dabbled a little bit in art so he decided to try it again. Check out his web site and see what you think. I especially love the graphite drawings. Larry's Art

He's still MY computer guru and he's able to do occasional computer work for local people and businesses. He's trying very hard to work through his pain even though at times it makes him very hard to live with. (Right, Sue?) I love him and his drawings and hope he can find a way to profit from them.

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