Monday, February 16, 2009

Strange Architecture

I love all the different styles of architecture whether it's modern or old, mansions or tract houses, offices or public buildings. I enjoy how people can design buildings with things like cantilevered wings, delicate Victorian trims, huge open spaces with little hint of how they're supported, carved stone, odd shaped windows, unusual sidings, etc. I am awed when I think of ancient castles and cathedrals and how they were constructed with no modern tools. But occasionally I come upon a building that makes me ask, "What were they thinking?!" That was my first thought when I saw this small home in Walnut, Iowa. If the architect was trying to depict the idea of an owl, I think he succeeded. The house has been sold since this photo was taken and is now painted in muted colors but the owlish impression is still there. What do you think?

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