Monday, February 16, 2009

Time for another poem

Today isn't bad outside. We had about 7" of the beautiful white stuff last Friday but today's it's sunny and about 36 so it's melting a little bit. A month ago - January 16 to be exact - it was quite a different story. It was -25 overnight!!!! The weather inspired this poem.

I’ve Got the Winter Blues (or Wearing my Socks to Bed)

It’s yet another night of below zero temps.
The furnace is blazing but my toes are still cold.
I bundle up wishing for the warmth of summer
But Old Man Winter has me in his strong hold.
I pull on my socks and turn on the blanket;
Everything’s covered but the top of my head.
Even the cat hates this crazy weather
As she snuggles against me in the bed.
© Kat Bryan 2009

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