Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Chocolate

What do I love about chocolate?
What is it that makes it so cool?
It can be light or dark
Or so rich it makes me drool.

It can be full of nuts
Or have a center that tastes like wine.
It doesn't matter the flavor
As long as it is mine.

But I know my hubby likes it
And since I really care,
With Valentine's Day coming,
I'll do my best to share.
© Kat Bryan 2009


Mardi said...

You made me smile again. I will have to set aside more time to read more but, I seem to have more of nearly anything but time and I sure enjoy your "crappy" (I'm quoting you) poems, despite your bragging. Lol It takes imagination to make someone laugh. Keep posting and I'll take time to look you up. A friend from Iowa too.

Kat Bryan said...

Thanks Mardi. I appreciate all comments - means someone is reading my blog. :-)