Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot and Cold Running. . . . Weather

I take back the comment I made a couple of days ago about summer being here already. Yes, it was 85° Friday which was too warm for this time of year, but this is Iowa and Saturday it was only 45° and raining off and on all day. Right now (at about 2 a.m.) I'm listening to a thunderstorm as I type and we had small hail earlier tonight. Tomorrow's forecast is for about 70° and then the possibility of heavy rain and severe storms. I'm glad I don't have much in the garden yet as it would just get ruined.

We spent Saturday at Boone where our son Jay set up a booth at the flea market again this month. I took books and jigsaw puzzles along with some miscellaneous items to sell. He pays the set up fee and gets half the money from anything I sell so it works for us both. The sale is at the local county fairgrounds but today they were in a different building because the usual one was being used by another group. The building wasn't heated and it didn't take long to get chilly. Not the most comfortable way so spend a day. The other building was having a huge 'garage sale' fundraiser for the local animal shelter. This brought a lot more people to the fairgrounds than usual but most spent their money at the fundraiser instead of the flea market. I even spent my money there getting a great bargain of 8 books for a dollar. I have quite a few ahead now so I'd better spend some time reading and quit buying for a while.

(I hope you have no melcryptovestimentaphiliacs in your area. They compulsively steal ladies underwear!)

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