Thursday, April 9, 2009

Magazine Subscriptions

Twice in the past week, 'Tony' from OK magazine has called wanting me to renew my subscription. I have told him twice that I wasn't interested. This morning I told him I was an adult and if I wanted to renew, I would do it without any prompting from him, then I hung up. Today I got 2 magazines in the mail and both had renewal offers with them although neither expire until January 2010. Jeesh! Another thing I hate are the ones that look like bills even though you didn't subscribe in the first place and they have automatic renewals when you do subscribe. I got one today for Old House Journal which was 'only' $43 a year. In little bitty letters at the bottom it says, "This is not a bill." These end up in my round file.

I find all my magazine bargains on line and NEVER subscribe or renew through direct phone or mail offers, magazines inserts, etc. where I have to pay full price. At the present time my family is getting ReadyMade, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Woman's Day, Elle and Elle Decor, Country Living, AutoWeek, Motor Trend, Pink, More, and Shape. There may be one or two others that I can't think of right now. I didn't pay more than $8 a year for any of these because I watch for bargains on line. Rachael Ray's magazine I got for $1.98 and paid for it with Paypal that I got for doing surveys so it didn't cost me one penny out of pocket. The renewal offer in today's mail was for $30 for 2 years. Woman's Day was FREE through and others have been free through If you're looking for magazine subscriptions, remember to check the web first! Don't pay full price!

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bettycd said...

Those magazines must be having a budget crisis. They are sliding into ever more shifty ways of getting people to send in some subscription money.