Thursday, April 23, 2009

One project completed!

Gosh, I think summer has arrived! It's HOT! It's only mid-day and in the 70s with possible record-breaking temps forecast for today. Jim and I worked our butts off yesterday making the frame for the raised garden bed and then hauling dirt by the wheelbarrow load to fill it. It could still use some more dirt but for the most part, we're done. I added several buckets of potting soil mix, too, so the dirt will be more loose and productive. I think I'll buy a couple of bags of Miracle Grow soil to add to it, too, or just use the liquid when I water. It's 4 feet by just over 9 feet and about 1 foot deep. The important thing when making one is to make it narrow enough you can reach the middle comfortably from either side. We just used wood we had and it's not cedar so it won't last forever but it didn't cost us anything but time. I looked at Menard's ad yesterday and using cedar to make one 4x8x1 would have cost almost $50! (Edited to add I did get some top soil, compost, and manure and mixed it into the soil. I was also able to plant radishes, peas, onions, and lettuce before it got dark tonight. Let the growing begin!)

Here's a project I found on the internet and did 2 years ago. It's held up well even though it's been outside for 2 winters. You take an inexpensive tomato support and wire thin, straight green branches to it, leaving the support posts at the bottom bare so you can stick them into the ground. It's just to add interest to your garden. You could also trim them even at the top and sit a flower pot saucer on it to make a birdbath. What do you think? I like making things like this and I've also made a few trellises out of branches.

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