Thursday, May 28, 2009

Around the House

Don't you just love it when you get an unexpected bargain? I know I do. I have a small area on the west side of the house where the birdfeeders hang between 2 trees. I've planted some hostas and impatiens, have a birdbath and a couple of metal lawn chairs there. The only problem is there isn't much grass and I don't have the budget to put down landscaping blocks or cement. To get me out of the mud, I went to Home Depot last week to buy mulch. They had a good deal on cypress mulch, 5 bags for $10.00. I knew 5 bags would probably cover the area I wanted so that's all I bought. As the HD guys were throwing the mulch in the pickup, one of them threw in an extra bag that had a small hole. When I mentioned that was more than I bought, he said "No charge. Would you like another one, too?" Of course, I said yes. So for $10.60, we got 7 bags. Can't beat that and now I can sit and watch and listen to the birds or read and not get my feet muddy.
My (well-used) electric dryer started acting up last week. It would stop before the clothes were dry and it was making a louder humming noise than usual when it ran. This week it only wants to run about 5 minutes and it stops. I have a feeling something's letting it get too hot and then it shuts off. The basement is so damp, I know it's not good for either the washer or the dryer. Jim and I cleaned the exhaust vent out last night but it didn't help. I HAD to wash jeans and capris so I was very glad that it's quit raining and a little warmer. I have one of those small, square clotheslines and I hung the jeans out. Now I have to iron them as well to get some of the stiffness out

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