Sunday, May 24, 2009

Books I've read this week - The Face

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. It's been hot for the past few days here and it rained about 1/2" today. We were able to go to the cemeteries this afternoon before and between showers. Between us, our deceased relatives are spread out over 4 different ones in the county so it takes a while to visit them all.

My sister and I traded Dean Koontz books this week. She gave me The Face © 2003. After reading the book blurb on the back I thought this would be about "Hollywood's most dazzling star", also known as 'the Face'; however, he's away filming or something and never actually appears in the story. The story centers around his 10 year old son, Aelfric, known as Fric, who's home with no one but the help most of the time and the ex-cop, Eathan Truman, who's been hired as live-in head of security at the actor's mansion. Mysterious but threatening packages have been arriving at the mansion and it's up to Eathan to figure out what the threat is and who's behind it. Fric gets spooky, warning phone calls telling him he needs to find a place to hide because someone is coming for him and soon, but the calls don't show up on the security phone log. When another package is delivered in person, the security cameras are able to get the license plate number on the person's vehicle. When Eathan goes to confront the man, he's shot and killed but then mysteriously, is alive again and sitting in his car in front of the man's apartment just like it's been a bad dream. How then did he get his own blood on his hands and why did the shooting seem so real? Is someone out to kill 'the Face' and why? How can Eathan stop them if he keeps having such real visions of his own death and what do the visions mean?

I enjoyed this book and had fun trying to visualize the mansion in my head .... three stories and 2 basement level garages, tall French windows with bronze frames and beveled glass, huge indoor and outdoor pools, a conservatory filled with tropical plants and so big it has an indoor gazebo, a library with a thirty-foot stained glass dome, and acres of carefully groomed landscaping. Gray-green cobblestones lead to an ornamental bronze gate. Not a bad place to work, huh? Add a tempermental foreign chef, a bossy housekeeper and her husband, several security men, one little lonely boy, some supernatural happenings, and a very determined ex-cop. It was a good story but it does have quite a bit of graphic violence.

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