Thursday, May 28, 2009


Any spam is bad enough but I seem to get more than my share of spam meant for men. Sometimes I wish I could just reach through the computer and give someone a good shaking, and tell them, "I don't have a penis and no matter what I do I'm never going to grow one! Quit sending me emails telling me how to make it bigger!" Other emails I get frequently are offering to sell me drugs from Canada. I have enough trouble paying insurance co-pays for legal drugs. Why would I want to pay more for your illegal ones? And you know I'm a millionaire several times over - the poor widowed woman in Africa, the Barrister, and the UK Lottery have all told me .... again and again and again. Then there are those that threaten me by saying 'this is your FINAL notice'. Oh, it that were only true!

What rhymes with damn but doesn't come in a can?
What will grow your penis, make you more of a man?
What promises you millions but always with a catch?
If you're single (or not), what'll find you a match?


Shannansbooks said...

I know what you mean I have been getting a lot of spam too. Mostly from Africa saying I won so much money several times a day. It can be frustrating. Luckily it goes directly to my spam folder.

Kristi said...

I love your little rhyme at the bottom!

Seems like SPAM comes in cycles too - can go weeks without getting any - and then the Spam gods must think I need a batch!