Monday, May 4, 2009

Wins This Week

I received some past wins in the mail this week along with notification of a new one. I got the business card case that I won on April 21 from J'adore These Stores. It's very small and won't hold much more than a few business and credit cards but it's very nice. It's from The Limited and has a purple and black snakeskin on the outside.

I also got a sweatshirt that I had won back in March from Loaker's All Natural Snacks. I was excited when I won because they let me pick the size I wanted. Most clothing prize wins you just get whatever they send. However, while the shirt is very nice, (it's red and white and zips up the front), the size doesn't run true. It's way to small for me or Jim. It will go to another family member or be donated.

And I got the book The Ballad of West Tenth Street by Marjorie Kernan that I won on april 16 from Confessions of a Real Librarian. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I was very happy to hear I won one of the Romano's Grill gift baskets I posted about here. With Jim laid off, every little bit helps at the grocery store and I'm looking forward to trying the pasta meals. Thank you again, Jersey Bites.

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