Sunday, June 21, 2009

Books I've read this week - How to Train a Rock

I just finished How to Train a Rock by Paul Steven Stone © 2009.

About the book: With interest in his one-year-old novel Or So It Seems still on the rise, Paul Steven Stone recently introduced his newest book, How To Train A Rock, a collection of 'short insights and fiction flights' culled from over 20 years of Stone's irreverent and quirky newspaper column, "A Stone's Throw".

According to Stone, each of the fifty pieces in the book is a well-crafted, highly polished gem. From hilarious mock ads for 'The Law Offices Of Paul Steven Stone" to laugh-out-loud takes on Boston sports fans, automated answering systems and the over-exposed public lives of ladies named Paris and Britney, Stone's commentaries are often funny, occasionally profound and always creative.

I really enjoyed Mr. Stone’s sense of humor and his take on important issues like gay marriage, war, cell phone use, and fatherhood. The entire book is made up of short stories so it was easy to read a while, pause, and come back later. The very first story, Pet Peeves, about neighbors’ dogs leaving ‘samples’ on his lawn was very funny. If you enjoy satire, you’ll like this book and Mr. Stone makes a lot of very good points like this from Love is a Many Gendered thing (Dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard). “….politicians may be able to legislate marriage but they can never legislate love.” I hope you read the book and get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. It can be purchased online at


Or So It Seems said...

Hi Kat:

Thanks for the kind words about "How To Train A Rock". I enjoyed reading your take on the book and would appreciate your posting the review on the book's listing, if you wouldn't mind. Many thanks! Paul Steven Stone

Kat Bryan said...

I enjoyed your book very much. I've posted the review on Amazon.