Saturday, August 22, 2009

Books I've read this week - By the Rivers of Brooklyn

By the Rivers of Brooklyn © 2009 by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole
I won this from Stone Soup . Katrina has an almost-weekly Monday giveaway. Make sure you check out her site. Thanks again Katrina!

About the book: “In the 1920s, Jim, Bert, and Rose Evans all move from Newfoundland to Brooklyn, New York, in search of work and a better life, leaving their sister Annie back home in St. John’s. When tragedy strikes, Bert’s finance’ Ethel is forced to make a desperate choice, the results of which resonate through the Evans family across three countries, and three generations. By the Rivers of Brooklyn explores the hopes, passions, and heartbreaks of those who went away and those who stayed behind.

By the Rivers of Brooklyn transforms into fiction the experience of the 75,000 first- and second-generation Newfoundlanders who once lived in Brooklyn, New York – and the universal experience of migration, of people throughout history
who have gone away to find work and prosperity but never stopped dreaming of home.”

I loved this book. Even though I don’t have a family history of relatives who immigrated, I was able to relate to the story because the author did such a wonderful job of making the characters real, using snippets of her own past family memories to round out their lives. I enjoyed traveling with the Evans siblings as they discovered a new life and lifestyle in New York. Away from the stringent restraints of growing up raised in the Salvation Army church, Rose, Bert, and Jim struggle to improve their lives. Rose loves the freedom to be on her own, but can she handle that freedom? Bert and Jim find jobs working on high-rise buildings, hoping to make enough money to get married and start families of their own. The story chronicles their lives and how the choices they make influenced their family. It was very well written in a style that draws the reader into the story. I think you’d enjoy it.

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Thanks for the great review -- glad you liked the book!