Thursday, August 6, 2009

Books I've read this week - Water Witch

Water Witch © 2008 by Deborah LeBlanc

About the book: “Dunny knew from an early age what it meant to be an outsider. Her special abilities earned her many names, like freak and water witch. So she vowed to keep her powers a secret. But now her talents may be the only hope of two missing children. A young boy and girl have vanished, feared lost in the mysterious bayous of Louisiana. But the didn’t just disappear; they were taken. And amid the ghosts and spirits of the swamp, there is a danger worse than any other, one with very special plans for the children – and for anyone who dares to interfere.”

This was a good thriller with a psychotic killer, evil spirits, two sisters who believe in doing what's right, and a spooky location – the swamps of Louisiana. Dunny's unique 'gift' was unlike any I had ever seen but one that made her somewhat of an outcast as she grew up, so she learned to hide it. Now her sister has called asking her to come help find two missing children. She goes even though she knows she’ll probably regret it. With the help of her sister and Poochie, her sister’s grandmother-in-law, she’s determined to find the children before time runs out, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

I liked the character development in the book. The good people had faults and the bad one was truly evil and his identity completely unexpected. The setting was perfect for the plot and Poochie with her Louisiana-Cajun lingo and insights really added to the story. There were a few moments of humor and many of terror as the ladies made and executed their plans to find the kids. The tension built throughout the book until it reached the climatic ending, making it a very good story.
Thanks to FSB Associates for providing copies of Water Witch, Soul Survivor, and Benny & Shrimp for me to read and review.

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