Friday, August 14, 2009

Hard Week

This hasn’t been a good week for Jim. It’s been so hot this week and the plant he works in isn’t air-conditioned, and his foreman’s mother died on Monday. We’ve known the whole family for years and Marilyn Bush was a super nice person. She died after 3 years of fighting ovarian cancer. She had worked with the school lunch program for over 30 years and had a lot of friends in the community. Since neither of us will be able to attend the funeral Friday morning, we went to visitation Thursday night. It was held at a local church and the number of people attending and the amount of flowers were a wonderful tribute to her.

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Amy said...

This is very sad. I'm sorry to hear about Jim's foreman's mother. Cancer is such a devestating illness and takes so many lives and causes too much suffering. I hope this upcoming week is better and hopefully the temps will cool down too.

My grandmother used to say during very difficult times, "This too shall pass".
Amy =o)