Thursday, September 17, 2009

Around the House

We live in a house built and previously lived in by my great aunt and uncle. I inherited it along with some of the contents including the kitchen stove that was bought new in 1978. Yep, it was 32 years old this month and showed every bit of its age. Harvest gold. Not too pretty. My niece is planning on selling her house next year and they just updated their stove and frig so I bought her older stove. It’s a LOT newer than my old one. Black. Pretty. I had painted my kitchen cornelian red in 2005. At that time I also put down peel & stick tile that look like wood except under the old stove because I couldn’t move it. It’s gas and didn’t have a flex pipe on it. So yesterday after I got the old stove out of the way, I finished the floor. (Better late than never, right?) The tiles look nice and they go down easily but let me tell you something. The adhesive on the back is REALLY sticky and you can’t just wash it off your hands or anything else. I found the best thing to do is pour a little vegetable or olive oil on my hands and work it around really well and follow up with Dawn to get the oil off. You can even put a little oil on a rag and wipe off sticky spots on the floor and then clean with soap. I don’t know how the oil works but it gets rid of the sticky. While my stove was out of the way, I also pulled the frig out and cleaned behind and under it, wiping down the wall and floor and vacuuming the back. I found one of Bud’s mousies and a ball under there. LOL I wouldn’t give my Buddy up for anything but the house would certainly be a lot cleaner without a cat.
My niece had a few problems with her brand-new stove.  For one thing, the oven wouldn't work.  It seems there's some switch that no one had told them about.  Then the oven temperature wasn't set quite right so they had to have it looked at.  They bought the extended maintenance agreement and maybe it's a good thing.  BTW, they purchased the appliances at Lowe's and while delivery and installation of the refrigerator was free, they wanted $180 to hook up the stove!  It's a good thing family members know how to do that.  Ours is propane and needed a flex pipe and new shut-off so I called a professional.

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Lisa Rusczyk said...

I live in a 70 year old house with a stove from the 60s so I feel your now-relieved pain. It was an art learning how to cook on it (put the burner on high for everything except, well, nothing.)