Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Books I've read this week - Chin and the Magic Stones

Chin and the Magic Stones: Book One – Becoming Guardians © 2009 by L. J. Salazar

About the book: Ten-year-old Chin loves to dream about having grand adventures. But nothing much ever happens in the sleepy little city of Kirkland, Washington, so Chin usually ends up playing with his loyal dog, Eagle, and reading thrilling stories. But one afternoon both their lives change forever.

While helping his father out in the yard, Chin discovers a shiny rock near the garden pond and he picks it up. Once he does, Eagle begins to talk! At that moment he realizes that the stone holds magical powers. But why it is in his yard?

Chin and Eagle discover an underground world right underneath his small town! The two become warriors in a revolution against and evil fantastical being known as the Shadow Lord. Along with the help of their new friends and mystical artifacts, Chin and Eagle navigate their way through the mysterious and dangerous new world where adventure waits around every corner!

Full of excitement and enchantment, Chin and the Magic Stones is a delightful tale about a young boy who uses the power of positive thinking to embark upon the journey of a lifetime!

About the author: L. J. Salazar applies the same concepts to his writing that made him a successful executive at multinationals like Xerox, ABB and more recently a successful 11-year career at Microsoft where he had the opportunity to manage multibillion-dollar businesses. “The core concepts of self-reliance, positive attitude and belief in oneself are universal and apply to kids and adults, “ said Salazar. Salazar now works as an executive coach, an advisor to venture capital firm Voyager Capital and as Chief Technical and Marketing Officer for Global Market Insite.

This book is aimed at 7- 11 year-old kids but I found it interesting and attention holding. Chin finds and is appointed guardian of a magic stone that helps him in challenges against the Shadow Lord. The stone also allows him to talk to his dog and other animals that help him along the way. He conquers one task in this first book and it leads into the next story. It should be an interesting series. For more information you can go to http://www.chinmagic.com/ .

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