Friday, September 25, 2009

Books I've read this week - Wild Kat

Wild Kat © 1994 by Karen Kijewski

About the book: "She’s a hard-boiled Sacramento P.I. with a soft spot for the unlucky, the unloved, and one special cop named Hank. Her name is Kat Colorado, and in her business curiosity can be more than an occupational hazard – it can be murder.

It was a matter of principle that prompted Amanda Hudson to blow the whistle on the company that employed her – and manufactured a defective, potentially lethal product. It was a matter of pride that made Amanda hang on to her job with stubborn determination despite harassment, anonymous threats, and attacks that terrified her.

And by the time her hotheaded husband hired Kat, it was a matter of life and death. For Amanda and Jude Hudson. For Kat, who would learn some hard – and deadly – lesson about vengeance, justice, and love."

I picked this book up at the Des Moines flea market last weekend. I HAD to have it because of the title.  I’m glad I found it because I really enjoyed the story.

Kat Colorado meets Jude Hudson by accident, quite literally. He crashes his car in front of her and she pulls him from the wreckage before it catches fire. After he heals he comes to Kat and tells her it was no accident, the car had been sabotaged by someone wanting to harm his wife, and he wants to hire Kat to help them. Amanda Hudson worked at a company that was making defective heart valves. When she tried to tell someone, no one would listen or do anything about it. Kat gets drawn into the conflict as she tries to find out who’s behind it and she puts her own life in danger. The story didn’t end as I expected and it was the type of book that left me wanting more. I’ll have to check and see if there’s a sequel.

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