Monday, October 12, 2009


We were home all day Saturday because of the crappy weather and in between cleaning and playing on the computer, I drank way too much coffee. I paid for it later by being up until 3 A.M. playing games on Facebook. When I did go to bed, I had trouble getting to sleep. I was just dozing off about an hour later when I heard a rustling noise in the plastic bag of the wastebasket that is right beside my bed. I reached up and turned the bedside light on, leaned over, and even before I put my glasses on, I could see that there was something gray in the bottom of the once-empty bag. "What the heck? Jim was awake by now and was as surprised as me when I told him there was a LIVE MOUSE in the trash bag!  When I tried moving the wastebasket ,  the little devil tried to jump out. Just what I needed - a mouse trying to get in bed with me! Jim has a slightly smaller wastebasket on his side of the bed, so he brought it over and put it inside of mine and smashed that rodent dead. I gave Buddy all-get-out Sunday morning for laying down on the job, too. She caught one on the porch on Thursday but I don't know how this one got in the bedroom.... or in the wastebasket for that matter.

The saga continues……
I'm lying in bed asleep this morning just before 5 and I'm woken up by this very quiet scratching (gnawing?) noise. Jim is already up getting ready for work and comes to the bedroom when I turn the light on. He's wondering what's wrong and I tell him  but he can't hear the noise with his hearing loss. I'm still on the bed looking warily around but I tell him it sounds like a mouse is behind the door. He swings the door back and I decide the noise is in the closet the other side of the wall.

At this point, I get up because I can't sleep hearing that noise. I turn the living room light on and calling Buddy, open the closet door. I don't see any mouse droppings but after a minute, Buddy and I both hear the scratching noise resume. Now, since this is the only closet in the house, it's FULL. I removed a couple of boxes and a pair of winter boots and Buddy sits down to wait. In the meantime, I get somewhat dressed because the house is chilly and I don't know how long  the mouse hunt is going to take. I'm now wide-awake so I get a cup of coffee and sit down at the computer. About 5 minutes pass and I hear a loud noise and Buddy comes out of the closet with a field mouse in her mouth! Yay, Buddy!! Of course, it's still very much alive and I holler at Jim and follow Buddy into the dining room. (What better place to eat a mouse, right? LOL) We’ve done this before and I knew to grab an empty wastebasket and hold Buddy over it. She dropped the mouse into it and Jim killed it. Buddy got LOTS of praise and now we wait for the next one that, hopefully, won't be anytime soon.  Oh, the thrills and excitement of living in an old country house!  BTW, that's Buddy napping in my header photo.

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