Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ladies' Night Out

Monday night was ladies’ night out as I met with my three former bowling team members for supper. Only one of us is still bowling but we try to keep in touch about once a month to catch up on everything. It’s amazing how much we have to say to each other even though we run into each other occasionally outside of our get-togethers. This time was no different and there was some big news to share. Jo is going to be a first-time grandmother. Dee and her hubby are a recent retirees and going to Arizona for the winter (first-time), living in a camper for several months. She has kept us in stitches telling us of their recent travel misadventures with their fifth-wheeler so I hope everything goes smoothly this trip. We’re going to miss her this winter. I was happy to let them know my son finally found a job after being off work since last November.

We’ve been trying to eat at different places in the area and this week was no exception. We decided to try The Little Dublin Pub in Winterset. It’s a relatively new and somewhat cozy little bar with a good menu. Since it was Monday night there were only about a half dozen drinkers sitting and talking at the bar. There was a giant TV at one end and a football game was on but no volume so it didn’t intrude. We got a booth and had a look at the menus. Three of us decided to try the shepherd’s pie (not your typical bar food, huh?) and we were thrilled with our choice. It came with choice of soup, (salmon soup that night which none of us was brave enough to try), salad, cole slaw, or cottage cheese. I had a salad and it was a bit disappointing, just lettuce with a tomato wedge, but Nancy ordered the cole slaw and said it was the best she had ever eaten. The main dish was wonderful. It was ground beef , peas, and I’m sure other things, in a wonderful sauce topped with real mashed potatoes and just the right amount of grated cheese. It came with a side of 2 slices of toasted French bread. YUMMY! Dee ordered the grilled chicken breast and it came with choice of potato, peas (frozen, not canned), salad, and toast. Our meals were right around $10. We all loved the food and made sure to tell the cook. They also offer steaks, sandwiches and have a child’s menu and lunch specials. I can’t wait to eat there again.

We spent 3 hours eating and talking with no hassle from anyone and really enjoyed our time together. Where to next?

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