Monday, October 5, 2009

My Alaskan Trip in 2000

I was VERY fortunate to be able to travel to Juneau in 2000 to visit a distant cousin.  My boss who was at that time eighty years old, had been having some health issues.  She decided she wanted to do some things for people while she was still around to see their enjoyment of her generosity. (BTW, while she's no longer my boss, she's still doing well at almost 90)  She gave me $1000 and told me to find the best deal I could for a ticket to Alaska and the remainder was for mine for spending money.  I think at the time it cost about $800 and I stayed with my cousin so I didn't have any motel or car rental expenses.  I had the experience of my lifetime and I'll always treasure the trip.

I have posted photos of my travels on my Facebook page and thought maybe you'd like to see them. Alaskan photos   This was only the 2nd time I had flown commercial.  It wasn't without a few memorable moments.   From my trip journal: (on the flight going)  "A strange old man sat by me on the Denver to Seattle flight. He kept using his left finger to silently work math problems on the palm of his right hand. Every now and then he would make a somewhat loud 'WHOOO' noise. We were served sandwiches and he took his retainer out and put it in his lunch box while he ate. Very appetizing! As we neared Seattle, he would lean over in front of me, looking out the window. Never said 'pardon me' or anything. I was really surprised that he was flying alone.

Something potentially serious happened on that leg of the trip also. I had my handbag open when I was writing in my journal and later discovered my notebook had fallen out. I managed to retrieve it in the tight space between the seats but when I was putting it back, noticed my ticket was missing! I told myself not to panic; I was sure it must have fallen on the floor, too, but I couldn't see it anywhere. Knowing I couldn't be the first and only person to lose a ticket, I was sure I could replace it somehow but maybe not in time to catch my flight to Seattle. I waited while my seatmates de-planed and looked on the floor. NOTHING! I sat there and thought about what to do - tell the stewardesses, cry, etc. I decided to look one last time. Bending way down and looking under the seats ahead.....there it was. WHEW!"

If anyone is interested I will post more.

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