Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Books I've read this week - The Final War and 3001 - Birth of a Political Renaissance

The Final War and 3001 – Birth of a Political Renaissance
©2009 by Priscilla Andrea Herochik

ISBN: 978-1-4392-1514-2
Publisher: BookSurge
pp. 437
Price: $17.99

About the book: “What would happen if unrestrained religious fanaticism expanded worldwide: Could two religious zealots – a self-aggrandizing Baptist preacher and a Catholic Cardinal scheming to become Pope - subvert our Constitution and rule with Biblical dogma? Add the enemy of Christianity – Islamic despots from the Middle East and Africa – to this terrifying scenario, and we have the war to end all wars. In Pricilla Herochik’s convincing and unsettling futuristic novel, The Final War and 3001 – Birth of a Political Renaissance, these scenarios unfold with disturbing ease.

Reverend Rob is a Baptist evangelical who will stop at nothing to seize power and control. Cold and sinister Cardinal Richard Caldas will do whatever it takes to become Pope. When these fundamentalist tyrants join forces, the result is catastrophic for the world. In her novel, Ms. Herochik adds the final ingredient to concoct this calamity: the rise of Islamic theocracies in the Middle East and Africa, and the ambition of each of these religious factions to dominate the world. The result is a global war fought to the very last bomb. Only a handful of survivors remain. Humankind struggles to bring order out of chaos. A small number of people must made decisions that will either lead the world toward peaceful coexistence….or final annihilation. This is a rare novel that forces us to consider our future…and our continued existence.”

This book definitely did make me think. I didn’t necessarily agree with the author’s take on what could possible happen but she had many good ideas. I also didn’t like how the book was written. It’s supposed to be a novel but much of the book was just a narrative explaining how things were at that time period. When characters were included with a story line and dialog, the book was very interesting. The parts that were just narrative were a little less interesting and I wish the author could have developed a way to tell the story with more characters. I personally think her idea of a futuristic utopian society with little crime or illness, and everyone working for the good of everyone else is very far-fetched and leaves little room for individualism. If you want a book that will make you think, check this one out.

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