Monday, December 7, 2009

Would you post a 'bad' review?

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I fixed a 15 pound turkey hoping to have LOTS of leftovers but it went fast. I did freeze enough for one meal and made a turkey and Stove Top stuffing casserole. The rest was just eaten as leftovers and sandwiches and some went home with our son. We usually get an Amana ham from Jim's boss and have that as our Christmas dinner.

Now about book reviews...... I haven't posted any reviews this week but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading. One book I just finished was an anthor's debut book and I thought it was very poorly written. The story lacked good continuity and was hard to follow at times. Conversations took place without me being able to tell who was speaking until a few paragraphs later. At one time, one of two brothers was killed and in the next chapter, it was the other brother who was dead. The author seemed to make a point of some things and then said just the opposite a few pages or chapters later. I emailed the author and pointed out a few obvious mistakes but I just couldn't bring myself to post a review of this book knowing it wouldn't do the author any good. I searched for and read other reveiws of the book on line and it got good reviews so maybe I'm super critical. How about you? Would you post a 'bad' review?


StephanieD said...

I only post reviews of books I like. By now I pretty much know how to pick ones that suit me since I don't want to waste time reading bad ones.

That was nice of you to e-mail the author. Has the author responded?

Kat Bryan said...

Thanks for commenting Stephanie. I try to choose books I’ll like, too, and this was a mystery/thriller, which is my favorite genre.

I actually received a postcard from the author asking if I had received and/or read it yet because he said the interest is high for his book right now. I decided to put it ahead of another book as a favor to him. Then when I read the book and emailed him about some of the problems I asked him if he still wanted me to review it. For some reason, he changed his mind. LOL

Jim tells me all the time I should have been a teacher but mistakes in a book just jump out at me and interrupt the story. And for things like killing a character off and then reviving him in the next chapter, I think that’s plain sloppy editing. Surely, someone who had read it before publishing should have caught it. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.