Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sam the Night Person

Sam the Night Person
© 2009 by Lisa Rusczyk

A Club Lighthouse Publishing E-Book
177 pp.

About the book: "Sam stays up all night, drinks coffee without pause, chain smokes cigarettes and secretly talks to the moon. Azzy knows it, but doesn’t know why or how.

Azzy has been having a series of obsessive daydreams about a young man named Sam. He seems to be a magician of sorts. All she knows is that she can’t eat, sleep, drive or work. All she can do is think of Sam. She is in love, and she must find him.

She follows a daydream to a Colorado lodge where she has seen Sam in her mind. To her astonishment, he appears there the very next day. He doesn’t believe her, but who would? Is she crazy?

Sam and Azzy have a connection. Where did it come from? And who is behind it all? Of course, there’s always a reason for everything. Azzy’s daydreams were no accident.

Will they be able to withstand the man behind the torment? After years being apart, they find themselves facing the most destructive man of water magic they have ever known. He threatens their love. Together in heart and apart by necessity, they must find a way to stop him."

I have to admit I was hesitant to read this. The title suggests yet another vampire story and I am NOT into vamps. I was pleasantly surprised to find a hero and heroine of a completely different nature. Yes, Sam is a night person, but he draws his supernatural abilities from the moon, not from the blood of innocent victims. He’s one of a small race of people who live under the radar. There are others who are day people and derive their powers from the sun, and water and earth people. Although not necessarily friends, they co-exist peacefully for the most part. Azzy is a special kind of psychic who can get into the minds of these people but she doesn’t realize it yet. All she knows is she’s going crazy because all she does is daydream about the unknown Sam. The daydreams she has don’t make any sense to her and yet she’s fallen in love with him. She travels to Colorado, meets him, and finds out her daydreams are true. But does he believe her and return her feelings? And why did someone make her dream about him in the first place? I can’t say too much more without giving away the plot but I did enjoy the story. The characters are interesting with lots of good dialogue, the plot different, and the ending dramatic. I’m looking forward to reading more in Lisa’s next story, Full Moon in December.

I was provided with an ebook to review by Lisa Rusczyk


Lisa Rusczyk said...

Thanks for reading and reviewing my book. So glad you enjoyed it!

brizmus said...

I just reviewed this book today! It was quite good and unexpected, wasn't it?
I LOVE your no-smoking picture in your sidebar! I want one, too!!

Kat Bryan said...

Thanks for commenting brizmus! Yes, I enjoyed the book very much and will be reading and reviewing the next one soon.

Feel free to copy and share the no smoking pic. It's in memory of my sister who smoked all her life and died of lung cancer.