Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first Jeffery Deaver novel

The Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver

© 2007, Pocket Star Books, a division of Simon & Sshuster

From the book cover – “California Bureau of Investigation agent Kathryn Dance, a kinesics expert and master interrogator, locks into a “dazzling mental contest” (The New York Times) with a modern-day Charles Manson in this heart-pounding thriller.

Serving life in maximum security for masterminding the slaughter of a wealthy Carmel family, the unrepentant Daniel Pell may also be linked to another killing, a cold case that will heat up quickly if Kathryn Dance can get the confession she seeks. But when Pell escapes, a harrowing manhunt takes off – and Kathryn will race to uncover the secrets of the past from the lone survivor of Pell’s bloodlust: a teenager now, the little girl who hid in her bed to save her own life, The Sleeping Doll.”

I have heard a lot about Jeffery Deaver but this is his first book that I’ve read. Mysteries and thrillers are my absolute favorite genre of books and this was a good one. Kathryn Dance is an agent for the CBI ( I kept thinking of The Mentalist) and she specializes in kinesics which is the study of body language. She’s often able to tell if a person is lying just by the way they react to her questioning. She is hoping to pin an unsolved murder on Daniel Pell but he escapes with the help of an accomplice. He is a brilliant person and is able to stay one step ahead of the police most of the time. Then just when you think the story is done, Deaver throws in a twist and then another and finally leaves you hanging – just a little bit – ready and anxious for the next Kathryn Dance story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will look for more Deaver books. The only problem I had was with the title. The girl called “The Sleeping Doll”, although an important part of the plot, was just a tiny bit of the whole story. I don’t think it warranted being the title of the book.

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