Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I haven't taken the time to do much reading this month. I have been crocheting hats both for Christmas presents and to donate and it's hard to read or use the computer when doing that. It had been years since I crocheted but seeing some cute ideas on Pinterest got me inspired again. I tried several different hat patterns and it was a lot of fun. I've also done some holiday baking which the family really enjoys - pumpkin bread with dates and black walnuts, cherry chocolate cookies, and homemade dinner rolls. I'm sure everyone will find something they like. Our son and his wife will be here for dinner later today (Christmas Eve) and then they'll go to her folks'. Jim and I will head to my sister's for a soup supper. It's nice to spend the holidays with the family.

I've also been fighting a bad pain in my right leg. I went to the doctor about it several weeks ago and she gave me a steroid which really helped. Only problem is once the pills were gone, the pain came back. I guess another visit to the doc is on the calendar after the holidays. Limping around is NO fun.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Spend it with those who mean the most to you, enjoy your presents and don't eat too many goodies.

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