Monday, March 23, 2009

A Birthday Present

I have posted before about my brother Larry and his wife Sue and how talented they both are. Lately Sue has been making beautiful quilts, lap blankets, and quillows (quilts that fold up into pillows), and Larry has been helping her. They know I'm a cat lover and when Sue saw some Laurel Burch cat fabric, she knew I'd love it. Together they made me a gorgeous lap quilt for my birthday and they delivered it today. It's almost too pretty to use, though, and I may have to find a place to hang it to display. Thanks, you guys. I love it and you!


Anonymous said...

wow. i love are a lucky lady to have great folks that love you. much less make something handmade that took hours, if not days....hope you enjoy every minute of that beautiful blanket.

Kat Bryan said...

thank you for the nice comment. yes, I am very lucky.