Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Books I've read this week

I've read 2 books already this week. The first was another by James Patterson called 2nd Chance © 2002. It's the second in his Women's Murder Club series. These books were the basis of a past television show by the same name starring Angie Harmon. In this book, Lt. Lindsay Boxer and her friends have to figure out how the murders of a child, an older woman, and 2 policemen are related. Is it a hate crime like some suspect or something more personal? And why has Lindsay's father suddenly shown up after walking out on their family over 20 years ago?

The second book I've read so far this week is Critical Conditions by Stephen White ©1998. I'm pretty sure this book is another in a series because the author kept referring to things that had happened in the past with the same characters. The main character is a psychologist, Dr. Alan Gregory. He's called in to help a 15- year-old girl who has tried to commit suicide. Although she recovers physically, she refuses to speak a word to anyone so he has a hard time trying to figure out why she did it. Her younger sister is slowly dying while waiting for experimental health treatments that the insurance company refuses to pay for. The story follows the anguish of the family as they're pulled in two different directions by the problems of their daughters. Then when the CEO of the insurance company is murdered and signs point to the older daughter being involved, things really get complicated. At the beginning of the story there were quite a few characters thrown into the story very quickly and I had a little bit of trouble keeping them straight. As the story progressed, it got much easier. There were a lot of twists to the plot but the author did a good job tying them all together.

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