Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rambling Again

Do you ever see someone you think you know but you're not sure because where you're seeing them is so unexpected? That happened to me today. I was working at the Center like I have been on Fridays for the past month when a couple of ladies and a younger girl came in and I thought I recognized one of them but just couldn't place her. I started thinking she must be someone from school. I watched her as she was shopping and after a few minutes she turned around, saw me, and I could see she was just as surprised to see me. She instantly spoke and even though I acknowledged her, she was smart enough to say who she was - my cousin's wife Chris from Des Moines. I'm sure I looked surprised to see her because she quickly gave me an explanation of why she was in town. One of her aunts is in a local nursing home and Chris and her sister had came to visit her. Now you might think I would know all my cousins' husbands and wives but it's sometimes hard to keep track since I have 43 first cousins. If you were to count my second and third cousins there are more than 200. I don't even try to keep most of them straight. Anyway, Chris, my sister Anne, and I got to visit for a few minutes and it was very nice to see her. She said she'd make sure and stop again next time she was in town.

And speaking of work, I got another cute purse, a sweater and 2 t-shirts today. I may not get paid but I always find something I need or want which is fun.




I made it through another year; Thursday was my birthday. No big celebration, no milestones, just another year. How old you ask? Well, like they say, "Old enough to know better." I've been getting senior discounts at some places for a couple of years which is nice. :-) Okay, okay, I'm 57. Are you happy now? Five kids in the family with three birthdays in March and two in September and Mom and Dad were in the middle in June and July. Dad's birthday was July 7th, 7/7, but I don't think it ever brought him any special luck.

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