Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

We recently switched house insurance companies after our previous company almost doubled our rates. They changed how far you could be from town (or a fire hydrant) by 2 miles and we were outside their limits for a cheaper rate. I think that's like changing rules in the middle of the game, don't you? My house never moved!

Anyway, the new company had to know how old things were at the house - roof, electrical, plumbing, heating, etc. I gave our insurance man all the information, paid him, and got the new policy in the mail this week. This morning I'm awakened by the phone and it's an inspector for the new company. I guess telling them isn't good enough; he's coming Friday morning to take photos of the furnace, water heater, and electrical panel. Now all of these things are in my basement which isn't very nice and I only go down there because that's where the washer and dryer are. I decided the least I could do is sweep down some of the cobwebs before he comes. (Aren't I nice?) We just had the water heater replaced last month even though it was only 10 years old. It had started leaking around the top connections. Ten years ago with installation, the complete price was about $275. The new one installed was $607! While I was down there cleaning, it came to me - that water heater cost more than our first car!!! We've been married for 37 years and our first vehicle was a used Plymouth Fury II that we gave $400 for and it was a decent car.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, around 75°. Too bad it won't last. There's no way winter is through this early in the year. I guess that makes today that much better.

It's back to help at the Center again tomorrow. I got a large garbage bag full of clothes from a Freecycler on Tuesday and after picking about a dozen tops and jeans out to keep, and trashing a few more, I'm donating the rest. If you don't Freecycle, you should really check it out. Just google for it and then find one in your local area.


Larry Hartfield said...

I think I paid $50 for my first car and it wasn't a bad car either. It makes it really hard sometimes to decide if things are worth what you're paying for them doesn't it?

rondadoug said...

Kat,It costs between 700.00 and 800.00 for water heaters installed here (west des moines)