Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts, Part 2

Does your spouse (or significant other) read? I read a lot but Jim isn't a good reader, doesn't like to read, and so doesn't do it unless it's the newspaper, instructions for something, or maybe a magazine. I can remember my paternal grandparents reading all the time. They each had a rocking chair and there was a floor lamp between them, and they sat and read each evening. They lived about 20 miles from town and went to the library every two weeks, coming home with a box of books. They're actually the ones who introduced me to reading since we lived close and they would get books for me and my brother, too. My hubby is jealous of the time I read which to me, doesn't make sense. He says it's like I'm not with him when I'm reading. I don't feel it's any different than when he's sleeping in his recliner with the TV on. He's still there if I need him. How does your spouse or SO react to your reading?


Oh, darn! I did it again! What, you ask. I didn't divide my hostas and now they're all getting too big and hanging over the sidewalk. They look so good when they're just coming up and I forget that they'll get bigger each year. I spent a hot afternoon today dividing a couple of them up and moving pieces to the other side of the house.


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