Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Books I've read this week - Legacy

Legacy © 2008 by Cayla Kluver, Re-released by Amazon Encore 2009

About the book: “As a dark rivalry between two kingdoms threatens to erupt into war, a willful princess must decide between duty and desire.

Obligated to wed her father’s choice in successor to the throne, seventeen-year-old Princess Alera of Hytanica believes that she is being forced into the worst of all possible fates – a marriage to the arrogant and hot-tempered Steldor. When the attractive and mysterious Narian arrives from enemy lands bearing secrets and different ideas about women’s roles in the world, Alera’s private desires threaten to destroy the kingdom. The discovery of Narian’s shocking past plunges Alera into a shadowy world of palace intrigue and ancient blood feuds, leaving her unsure of what to believe in, or whom to trust.

Legacy introduces sixteen-year-old novelist Cayla Kluver. Marked by sharp dialogue and dramatic complexity the belie the writer’s age, this memorable page-turner brings a fresh, new sensibility to age-old questions of duty and inheritance, and a young heroine’s quest to find her own voice.”

First, I have to say, all the time I was reading the book, one thought kept going through my mind, “A girl wrote this when she was just 14!” I find that amazing as the story line, characters, and dialogue are well developed and would rival any other book I’ve read. The heroine in only 17 so I’m sure that helped give the author an edge even though the story takes place at a much earlier, medieval time. Her descriptions of people, places, customs, foods, and clothing are very complete.

I think this is a very good YA fantasy romance that teen girls will find easy to relate to. The story centers on just-turned-17 Princess Alera. It’s the custom in her country that she must pick a husband by her 18th birthday. It’s also the custom that women can’t rule so whomever she chooses will become king and she’ll just be their consort. Her father has already decided Lord Steldor would be the best ruler based on his military experience, family, wealth, etc., but she doesn’t like him because he’s a braggart and condescending. When the young stranger Narian comes into their lives, she’s very taken by him even though no one else approves or trusts him. In his world, the women rule and he respects that. She has to decide to follow her heart or her father’s wishes.

There were several things that aren’t explained in the story such as what happened when Alera’s bodyguard, London, was a prisoner of the Cokyrians and how he escaped. I hope the sequel fills in some of the blanks. The book ends on a somewhat abrupt and sad note making you want more. The story continues in Kluver’s next book, Allegiance, due out later this year. Legacy will be released by Amazon Encore on August 18th.

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