Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Peek into my Week

I got 4 review books in Monday’s mail, a book win on Friday, and 2 more review books in Saturday’s mail . I was only able to get 3 books read this week. I have other’s that I’ve bought that I want to read, too. What am I going to do?

Friday I worked at the Multipurpose Center as I have every Friday since the end of February. It was Anne, another volunteer from 8 – 11, and me. We weren’t swamped with customers like we are some days but it was steady all day. I didn’t even have free time to go to lunch. (Something different is going to be done about that!) Anne had been having a bad muscle ache in her neck all week and went home a little early and I was ready for home, too, when 4:30 came around. Instead , Jim and I went and bought a used dryer. YIPPEE!! Mine had quit working in May and I’ve been hanging clothes outside or on the back porch all summer. It was never a question of not having money to replace it; it’s a problem with our basement stairway. Jim finally fixed that enough to get by, and we got the old one out and the newer one in. Jay and Dianna came down to help move them and we had a nice visit after supper.

Iowa weather continues to have its ups and downs. July was the coolest on record and now we’re behind on rainfall after quite a damp spring and early summer. Yesterday (Saturday) was hot enough to make up for July – mid 90s - and after getting about ¾” of rain on Friday, the humidity was terrible, too.

This was the weekend of the annual Hwy. 141 garage sales here in Iowa. All the towns and lots of country people in between Grimes and Manilla participate for 2 days, Friday and Saturday, and have sales. One of these years I’m going to have Jim take off work and we’re going to go on Friday because Saturday was pretty picked over. We started at Grimes like usual and it takes forever to get very far because of all the stops and starts. It was miserably hot, too, which isn't much fun. Would you believe the only thing I bought was a computer keyboard for $1? I needed a different one because a couple of keys were sticking and the price was definitely right, but I really expected to spend a LOT more money than that on finds. I even had some extra money this year and was hoping to find a couch or something unusual for the garden, but nope, nothing. I was really disappointed. I didn’t even find any paperback bargains. I can find so many at flea markets for 25 or 50 cents so there’s no way I’m going to pay a dollar or more for a used book. We finally gave up and drove on over to Council Bluffs and spent the money we had desinated for the sales at the Horseshoe Casino. That, at least, that was air-conditioned and more fun.

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