Friday, September 11, 2009

My Chair Arrived!

I was excited today because I knew my new chair was coming from CSN Chairs and it was waiting when I got home from the Multi-Purpose Center. I ordered the Adjustable Deluxe Fabric Posture Chair made by Boss Office Products in Gray Twill and it arrived in just one week.  I opened the box and started right in putting it together. The only tool I needed was a screwdriver and I used a ratchet one so it went together in just a few minutes. I have put chairs together before so I knew about how it went. The instructions are entirely pictures but they were pretty easy to follow.
The back support was already attached to the back cushion so I didn’t have to do that step. I just pushed the casters onto the base, set the lift into the base center hole, and attached the lift mechanism to the seat bottom with 4 screws. All I had to do then was place the back support into the mechanism and tighten the knob that holds it in place. Voila! All done!
The gray tweed fabric is very nice looking and the seat and back are amply padded. The lift works great.  I am used to a somewhat broader seat and a chair with arms, so this one sits differently. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks what I think about it.

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Amy said...

Your new chair looks very nice! I hope you like it after using it for a while :o)