Thursday, September 10, 2009

This and That

Sorry, I didn't post any book reviews this past week. I did read a couple of Reader's Digest Condensed stories (and several magazines) but I don't think they should count.  What with visiting with relatives for several days, downloading and trading photos, going other places, and working all day tomorrow, reading hasn't been foremost on my mind this week. (SHOCK!!)  Anyway, I promise to get back in line and post reviews next week.
There seems to have been a gremlin in my visitor counter.  Two days ago it was 1745 and now almost 12,000!  It would be nice to have that many visitors but I know it's not realistic.  Anyone else ever have a counter screw up?
A few photos from Labor Day weekend -
My cousin Judy from Colorada, my 2nd cousin's wife Kathy from Oklahoma who we met for the first time, and my Uncle Gene and Aunt Neva from Montana looking at family photos.  As I mentioned last week, quite a few states are represented when my family gets together.
This is my nephew Jubal, my mother, my niece Rachael, and my other niece Ashley in the background.  The last time I had seen them, Jubal was a baby.  He's now 18 and Rachael is almost 22.  They live in Texas and Mom and Ashley live here.

This is my grand-nephew Malachi who lives in southeast Iowa and my sister Anne.

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