Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First MATURA Meeting

I attended the MATURA Action Corporation Annual Meeting Wednesday night with my sister and 3 others from our county. The others were Dora, who is an aide and she was awarded a pin for working with MATURA for over 5 years; Marty, who does the chore services for local elderly low and moderate income residents so they can stay in their homes and he also pickups food at the Food Bank and helps stock our pantry (That's a hard job.  Those cases of food are HEAVY!); and my mother who used to be an aide and now sometimes volunteers to answer the phone and take money. The meeting was mainly to show appreciation to the directors, aides, and volunteers and there were over 100 in attendance. We were served a very nice buffet with salads and vegetables along with roast beef, roast turkey, ham, rolls, and desert. Dinner was followed by a short meeting and awards, then drawings for door prizes. Everyone at our table won something. I won a book about helping working moms get organized but my sister traded with me. She had won a Sak purse and she knows how I love purses. Thank you Annie!

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