Sunday, November 22, 2009

Books I've read this week - The Long Sleep

The Long Sleep © 2008 by Stephen Mellor

Published by Samarcand Books, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

About the book: “It was meant to be a great day. The New Argo has been sent to colonize a distant planet – code-named Gamma Six. The day it got there should have been a great one for humanity. Instead, upon reaching the planet, the New Argo blows up.

But why don’t the members of the ruling Executive Committee want to investigate? And what really happened to the New Argo? These are the questions that Lize Carr, youngest member of the Committee, wants answered.

When she employs private detective Kem Logan she unwittingly starts a chain of events that will mean danger for a great many people, including Kem and herself.”

This was a different book. It’s a sci-fi story written in the UK. If I remember right, it takes place in the twenty-seventh century. Much of the earth’s population and plant life has been wiped out but there are huge advancements in computers with holograms, AI assistants, and drones everywhere. An executive committee rules the earth. Thirty-five years ago, a spaceship full of hopeful people left on a 30-year-long trip to colonize a new planet. They had been in suspended animation to make the trip, hence the name of the book, The Long Sleep. Just as they were ready to set down on the new planet, their spaceship blows up. Lize Carr’s father was one of the colonizers and she can’t believe it when the head of the Executive Committee, who is also her stepfather, refuses to investigate the explosion. She decides to do so herself with disastrous results. Some of the futuristic ideas in the book are amazing; others are ‘big-brother’ like. Although the book jumped around a little that made it hard to follow at times, the plot was interesting.
I won this book from Stone Soup. Thanks Katrina!


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