Saturday, December 26, 2009

Books I've read this week - The Heart of the Buddha

The Heart of the Buddha ©2010 by Elsie Sze

ISBN: 978-1-934572-30-6
Publisher: Emerald Book Company
Price: $14.95
231 pp.

About the book: “When Marian, an earnest romantic and idealist, goes missing in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, her prim and pragmatic sister, Ruthie, journeys from Canada to search for her. When Ruthie uncovers Marian’s passion for a Bhutanese monk and her hazardous trek over a mountain pass to Tibet, she fears the worst. And those fears only intensify when a sinister Tibetan reveals he is also in pursuit of Marian. As the sisters struggle to reach each other, they must overcome the demands of their own hearts and spirits.

In easy, poetic prose, Elsie Sze paints an enchanting picture of Bhutan as she spins a tale of mystery, adventure, and romance, recounting the two sisters’ physical and spiritual journeys to find each other and their true selves.”

Marian and Ruthie are fraternal twins born of a Portuguese father and Chinese mother. After their mother died, the family immigrated to Canada. Now Marian has gone to Bhutan to help organize a small, local library. When her 6-month work visa is up and she doesn’t return, and her letters stop coming, her sister Ruthie decides to go to Bhutan to find her. With the mind of a sleuth and the help of a wonderful guide, Ruthie follows her sister’s trail around Bhutan. Ruthie finds more than she bargained for when she discovers her sister has fallen in love with a Buddhist monk, but where is she now?

I didn’t know anything about Bhutan before reading this book. Including so much detail about the natural beauty of the area, its people, their clothing and food, and the Buddhist religion really brought the story to life. It would be a fascinating place to visit.

This book was provided for review by PR by the Book.

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