Monday, December 28, 2009

Dryer Balls - Thumbs DOWN

One thing I got for Christmas was dryer balls. You’ve all seen them – those bumpy plastic balls that are supposed to replace fabric softener, save you lots of money, reduce drying time, and fluff up your clothes. Well, I don’t know about ALL dryer balls but the ones I got are plain and simply, a joke. I first tried them with towels because it says they “naturally fluff up and soften without chemicals.” When I removed the towels from the dryer, I could hear the snap and pop of static electricity. I put them back in the dryer for a few minutes with a softener sheet. I then tried the balls with a load of whites. I pulled a knit shirt out of the dryer and one of Jim’s white hankies was plastered to the front of it. I peeled it off and put those clothes back into the dryer also with a softener sheet. No more dryer balls for me!

The ones I used are Handy Trends Dryer Mate brand and were bought at Menard’s.

Anyone else get a present that didn't perform as expected?

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bettycd said...

The winter is notorious for static electricy. I like the idea behind the dryer balls though I agree they can be useless. I have a set that do get used during the warmer months. Towels are more absorbent if you don't use fabric softener
I won a set of the Ecloths for cleaning in the kitchen and they really were fantastic. And then they didn't work well at all. Checked the fine print and the instructions were clear to never use fabric softener on them or any microfiber products. Which brings me back to wishing the dryer balls worked better and certainly year round