Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full Moon in December

Full Moon in December
Ebook © 2009 by Lisa Rusczyk

ISBN: 978-1-897532-84-3
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing
151 pp.

About the book: “Kayla was so young when her new mom took her. Now she is sixteen and wants to have a real man in the basement. Her new mom, who tells her she can call her Elle now that she's sixteen, says she can pick the next one to collect. Sam was not the one she wanted. She wanted Kelly, the handsome football star. He was something to think about, and Kayla does. All the time. If only she could convince Sam to tell her more about Kelly. Kayla knows that Sam doesn't want to be in the basement, but she also knows that what Elle is doing is important. Kayla doesn't want Elle to die, but what can she do? Elle is changed. She is special. Kayla doesn't want to be changed, but she doesn't want to lose Elle either. All she wants is to know the world. She'd never even seen a highway until a week ago. That was when she had to bury the bad man Mike in the earth with the roots of the plants. Elle and the Aunties and Uncle Bingo all say her abilities with the earth are unique. Kayla doesn't know what that means. In this second book of the night person series, Sam must face his fears and his strength. Will he ever again find the peace of the moonlight? Will his captors ever let him go? What does this "changed" person want from him anyway? He only has time to figure all this out. Kelly, the young night person he instructed so long ago, may still come to his rescue without him having to do anything he doesn't want to. But if circumstances change, what decisions will he make?”

This book picks up a few years after Sam the Night Person ended. It has some wonderfully interesting characters and plots but it took awhile for the story pieces to come together. Dall, Jeffrey, and Rose are in Montana, Sam and Kelly in North Carolina, and others elsewhere with different story lines that are seemingly unrelated until late in the book. Everything is explained and everyone gets together eventually but it’s a twisty tale to get there. Good book for fantasy lovers. I do recommend you read Sam the Night Person first.  It really helped to understand this one.

I was provided with an ebook copy by Lisa Rusczyk.


Lisa Rusczyk said...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing one of my books, yet again, Kat!

Juju at Tales of said...

Nice review. I just finished Sam the Night Person and can't wait to get started on this one.