Saturday, July 16, 2011

That Certain Summer by Mary Verdick

©2011, Published by AuthorHouse 
ISBN 978-1-4520-4744-7
164 pp.

From the book cover: “That Certain Summer” tells the story of Sally Grimes, a feisty girl from Iowa, who gets a dream job writing the life story of famous actress, Diane Fenwick. She moves to a Gatsby-esque community in Connecticut and meets the actress’s adorable twins, Megan and Alec, and Rufus, a special dog, who is more intuitive than a lot of humans. She also falls in love with Ricardo, the handsome hunk next door, who is an honest-to-god count and a Princeton graduate, but is working as a handyman for the reclusive millionaire Morley-Watts, who suspects Diane is hiding something he desperately wants. What is Ricardo’s connection to Diane, and why is Sally suddenly plunged into danger by a situation she has no control over?"

This book is good for a summer read. It’s not too long, has romance, intrigue and a goofy dog who likes to stick his nose in where it’s not wanted. Sally falls for Ricardo but is he too good to be true? If he’s a count and a Princeton grad, why is he wasting his time as a handyman? Something suspicious is going on at the millionaire’s home next door and Sally hopes Ricardo isn’t involved. Then someone turns up dead……is Sally in danger, too?

This is the second book I’ve read and reviewed by Mary Verdick. My first review was for “As Long as He Needs Me” and you can read it here .  Mary is also the author of the young adult series, Pal Paperbacks, several children's stories and 3 other novels.

I received my copy of That Certain Summer directly from the author to read and give my unbiased review.

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